​Pacific Miracles, Inc.

Miracles happen to those who believe in them
~Let us make your dream come true~

About Us

Pacific Miracles is located in the heart of
Los Angeles, California.
We are private exclusive referral-based care team established with the desire to make dreams come true. With over 18 years of experience, we have become well respected within the reproductive industry. 

How we started: Almost two decades ago, we founded a surrogate agency catered to Asian families. The founder had a baby boy through surrogacy in the US and realized the needs for surrogacy service especially for international families. Along the way, we met so many wonderful American women who're so giving and generous. They changed the lives of so many families who are truly enjoying their parenthood. We realize that each surrogacy case is different and shouldn't take "One Fits All" approach. Making a great match is essential for successful surrogacy. So, we decided to expand our business to do "match making" not only within our parent company but also by reaching out to other quality surrogacy agencies.

Pacific Miracles, Inc.

4857 Laurelgrove Avenue
Valley Village, California 91607

Phone: 747-200-1056

Fax: 747-205-2116

email: info@pacificmiracles.com


Our Services

~Let us make your dream come true~

We have partnered up with top IVF clinics in California, USA which provides services such as embryo shipping, genetics screening, gender selection, just to name a few.

We help intended parents achieve the dreams of having a baby through our astonishing team in Japan, China and the U.S.

With evolving technologies and recent findings within infertility we strive to educate, assist, and guide you step by step on this amazing journey. Our passion is to make this experience as pleasant and memorable as possible.

We offer a variety of excellent donors and surrogates to select from our database to better suit each individual need. We proudly comply to the implemented guidelines established by the presiding associations leading the reproductive industry. Pacific Miracles not only provides exceptional and exclusive services, but also guidance and direction along your Journey. Let us make your dream come true. We take great pride in being a part of YOUR DREAM.


Miracles happened to us. 
Thank you very much for a wonderful experience.
Mom : Mayumi
Dad : Nagayuki 
Surrogate : Crystal   Baby Luis  Born May 19th, 2017    7.7 lbs.
                                     Baby Coco  Born September 15th, 2018  5.9 lbs

Mayumi & Nagayuki