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PMI Team

 Whitney Lasater/Chief Coordinator for Surrogates

Chief Coordinator for Surrogates

Whitney Lasater 

Whitney is truly honored to be a part of this dream team. She has been working within the surrogacy world for almost eight years now and while doing so she has met so many amazing people and learned so much. She has worked with four agencies and helped match many clients. As a third time surrogate herself, she knows exactly what it takes to build strong, positive relationships with surrogates and intended parents. She is dedicated to her role here at Pacific Miracles and she cannot wait to help you create the family you have always dreamed of having.

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Coordinator for Intended Parents and Surrogates

Mari Kaneko

Mari Kaneko has a decade of first-hand experience in the 3rd party reproduction.

She has gained expansive knowledge and experience in egg donation and surrogacy arrangement and is excited to join the great team of Pacific Miracles, Inc. She has deep compassion and empathy for every client. She enjoys staying touch with them and their surrogates long after they completed their family planning because she built special relationships with them. She hopes that egg donations and surrogacy will be an option for more people because she witnesses great success and happy families.

Coordinator for Intended Parents in Japan

Natsuko Ito

Natsuko has worked at the regional bank as a customer service and an instructor for the workers in Japan. Later, she started her own business for providing training services for government agencies and corporations. She also assisted women’s entrepreneurs in starting their own business. Since year of 2005, she started to support the families who are suffering from infertility as well as LGBT families as her life work.She would like to help and give a support to Japanese egg donors and intended parents as much as she can.

Coordinator for Chinese Intended Parents

Alice Liang

Alice used to work in a well-known IVF clinic in Los Angeles, in which she had the opportunity to help many international clients coming to the US for the third-party reproduction for infertility. In order to provide better services for both surrogates and intended parents, she always spends more time on her Chinese clients, pays special attention to her clients' language, cultural and travel –related needs, as well as forging happy and healthy relationships with surrogate mothers.

Coordinator for Intended Parents and Surrogates

Emily (Emi) Brown

Emily has had one beautiful son through surrogacy in 2001. The joy that her child has brought her, coupled with the amazingly successful journeys she experienced, instilled in her the desire to help other couples and surrogates/egg donors achieve the same joy. She has been owner of a Surrogate/Egg Donor Agency for over 18 years in Los Angeles, California USA for the clients who want to receive state-of-the-art fertility treatment. She has been worked with the many reproductive medicine specialists such as lawyers, psychologists and physicians with strong teamwork with a reliable relationship with them. She has received solid trust from these professionals with great reputation, ability and trust. Many of the intended parents dream have come true by her agency. She is very excited to be a part of Pacific Miracles’ team and to assist egg donors, surrogates, and intended parents on their respective journeys to help create families.

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