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International Parents & LGBT Parents

International Parents

There are a few special circumstances involved in your journey as International Parents.

As most countries throughout the world continue to criminalize or disallow Surrogacy, we have offered our Surrogacy and Egg Donation services internationally for over 18 years. California allows for both of the Intended Parents names to be put directly on to the child’s birth certificate; no adoption or additional legal procedures are required. The laws in the State of California and other similar states, such as Colorado and Nevada are direct and specific, allowing you to have peace of mind throughout the process and focus on the excitement of your new family.

Our location is a heart of Los Angeles, California and Los Angeles International Airport is local to our Agency. We also have satellite offices located in Tokyo, Japan and Shang-hi, China.

Our International surrogacy agency teams with clients from all over the world to help them achieve their dream of a family. Also, our referral network of IVF physicians, attorneys and psychologists allows our clients to receive treatment while at home and while here in the United States.

Our program is recognized as a leader in international surrogacy & egg donation. Clients must always remember that there are always several options available to them that will ensure that their journey home is legal and safe.

We currently have staff members who speak Chinese and Japanese.


PMI professionals will assist you and your newborn baby with necessary

travel documents, for your journey back home after birth. From the time of delivery,

all necessary documents will be applied for upon receipt of birth certificate(s).

This process can be a quick as 2 weeks, to as long as 6-8 weeks.

LGBT Parents

The desire to build a family for a gay couple, gay single or transgender prospective parent, is openly accepted at PMI. For more than eighteen years, PMI has had the pleasure of assisting many LGBT intended parents internationally through successful LGBT surrogacy and egg donation arrangements.

We specialize in LGBT surrogacy, regardless of being in a same-sex marriage or single – we can help you through every step of the process, from screening and finding a surrogate, to the right egg donor or sperm donor when needed, to coordinating communication between your medical and legal professionals.

PMI is completely capable of assisting with both of these types of arrangements. Through experience, knowledge and care, PMI will gladly help you to achieve your dream of becoming a parent through third party reproduction. Surrogacy for gay men can seem especially complicated as a woman’s body is required, but there is no shortage of women who want to carry a child for male couples. The same is true for lesbian couples in need of sperm or when pregnancy is not an option.

Our mission is to ensure that all who want a family should be able to avail themselves to the best situational assisted reproductive technologies and its corresponding treatments. We are here for you every step of the way, and we are dedicated to making sure your experience is as smooth as possible.

PMI consistently remains on the forefront of assisting single individuals and couples in a same-sex marriage towards becoming parents. We have helped facilitate many of these arrangements, both within the United States and through international surrogacy, and remain committed to helping you achieve your dream of a family.

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