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Our Pacific Miracle office is located in Los Angeles, in the heart of Southern California. The area is home to many of the world's top reproductive health clinics. Our agency has established good business relationships and partnerships with many of these reproductive health clinics over the years. With the latest medical information, we are able to arrange IVF, Embryo Transfer, genetic disease testing, gender selection, surrogacy, egg donation, and more. We have helped many clients from Japan and China as well as the U.S. to achieve their dreams of having a baby through our astonishing team.


Optional Plan for Surrogacy
In order to respond flexibly to surrogacy in the midst of the global corona crisis or/and with any personal circumstances, PMI offers IVF services at the clinics in Japan, the transportation of frozen embryos to the U.S., and the embryo transfer to Surrogate Mother in the U.S. For those who are unable to travel to the U.S., our experienced staff can guide you through the process of IVF in Japan and transport embryos to the U.S..
For IVF in Japan, we refer you to a clinic in Japan. Please contact our staff for the details of Optional Plan.

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With evolving technologies and recent findings within infertility we strive to educate, assist, and guide you step by step on this amazing journey. Our passion is to make this experience as pleasant and memorable as possible. We proudly assist you in finding, arranging, and coordinating the right egg donor and surrogate mother to meet your individual needs and to make your experience a wonderful one. Our experienced staff will assist you in bringing your baby home.

We adhere to established guidelines for reproductive health care practices and provide not only one-size-fits-all services, but also a personalized program to ensure that your dreams come true.

The final choice for those who want to have a child of their own after a long period of infertility treatment. Surrogacy. It is possible here in the United States. We are a Japanese-centered agency located in Los Angeles, California, which is famous for having the most legal and smooth surrogacy services among the states in the United States.

An agency based on knowledge, experience, and a network in surrogacy.

There are many hurdles that must be overcome for a surrogacy. Our agency's main focus is on the selection of the surrogate mother, close communication with doctors and attorneys, and the emotional care of the surrogate mother until the Intended Parents finally return home with the child, all with great care and attention. To this end, our staff's practical experience and network are of great help. We will introduce you to the doctors who specialize in reproductive medicine and fertility treatment, and who have handled many surrogacy cases. They have treated many international clients and are well known for their high success rates. We will also introduce you to the attorneys who specialize in reproductive medicine and is highly regarded in the state of California. We not only introduce the lawyers, but we also act as a pillar of communication with the lawyers, surrogate mothers, and clients, assisting in the drafting of the contract and the legal procedures after the birth of the child.

Why is California the best state for surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a popular practice in the United States, where one out of five married couples is infertile. California, being "Surrogate Friendly," has the smoothest and most legal surrogacy process in the country. California is one of the most progressive states in the U.S. in terms of surrogacy.

In many countries, surrogacy is either legally banned or not yet legally banned, but not socially accepted. There are many opinions against and in favor of surrogacy, but it seems that it is often taken negatively. However, those who have actually experienced surrogacy say that they are very glad they did.

Many couples from all over the world come to California to seek surrogate mothers. When a child is born in the U.S., a birth certificate is issued by an official agency. The Birth Certificate has a column for the name of the parents. When a surrogate mother gives birth in California, it is legally possible for the Intended Parents to be named as the parents, even if the surrogate mother gave birth. This can be done by an attorney who will arrange to obtain a written order from a California judge prior to the surrogate mother's birth. The client will register the birth of the child with the competent authorities with the birth certificate, and the child will be placed in the client's family register. In many other states, that procedure is not possible, and the client must go through the legal process of adoption of the newborn baby. Therefore, for our clients, California is the best state for surrogacy. This is very important considering the prejudice against surrogacy and privacy. We are committed to providing services tailored to each client's situation with the utmost respect for their privacy.

Pacific Miracles not only provides exceptional and exclusive services, but also guidance and direction along your journey. Let us make your dream come true. We take great pride in being a part of YOUR DREAM.

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