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Surrogacy costs will largely depend on two factors. The first is the experience of your selected Surrogate Mother. For example, first time surrogate mothers, on average, roughly around 50k base fee. Repeat surrogates can have ranges much higher, depending on the number of surrogacy journey’s they have completed. Repeat Surrogate Mother’s anywhere from 60-70k+.


The second factor is cost of medical care, which is exceptionally high in the United States but is relatively cheap for the same level of care in clinics overseas. Meanwhile the cost of an IVF procedure in the US are separate cost associated directly with the Fertility Specialist of your choice.


Also, we can offer the several selected agency fees to the Intended Parents. The Intended Parents can select the agency fee from our price list per their need of service.

Each Intended Parents require different services; therefore, we created the selected agency fee program.


If you would like to review a detailed estimated fee schedule with all associated cost, please contact us for assistance.

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