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Professional Testimonials


Michael A. Feinman, MD

Medical Director/HRC Fertility

I work with many couples from Japan and around the world as well as USA.  The surrogates and egg donors from PMI are terrific women and a pleasure to work with.  In addition, PMI gives Intended Parents a unique level of service to help them undergo these procedures in a new environment in comfort and with confidence.


Marilyn Shore, Ph.D.

Psychological Evaluator/Clinical Psychologist/ Marriage, Family, and Child Counselor

My work with PMI has been a rewarding experience. The young ladies who have been egg donors or surrogates have been bright, friendly, and cooperative. My job is to assess their understanding of the process they are becoming involved in and to determine their psychological stability. PMI is a professional agency that is a pleasure to be a part of. 

Meyers & O’Hara.jpg

Milena O'Hara, Esq. & Lori Meyers, Esq.

Attorneys/ MEYERS & O'HARA, LLP

The practice of reproductive law depends on the development of a team of professionals committed to ensuring a successful surrogacy and egg donation arrangement from start to finish. PMI offers their clients a structure and method of communication, and case management tailored to their special needs. They are dedicated bringing together the complex pieces through their work with lawyers, psychologists, doctors, accountants, and other essential professionals.


Mrs. K. Recipient of Egg Donation & Surrogacy Program

"If you don't raise a child, there's no point in living.”

It was our thought…and finally we were able to hold our child. It was really the last chance of a long, long road, just one fertilized embryo.

“Can't we still have children?” Then, we received a happy news from PMI.

It certainly costs money; however we think that it's the weight of life. We had to go through several infertility clinics in Japan for many years and then finally we decided to have a surrogacy though PMI. We felt so comfortable with the team of PMI. We had a lot of anxiety, but the immediate response from the team gave us a sense of security and became a great trust. Thank you so much to PMI.

It's hard to raise a child, but we are very happy to be parents.


Mrs. K. Recipient of Surrogacy Program

We had been having fertility treatment many years but couldn’t get pregnant. It was so hard for me to hear that my sister was pregnant at that time. We were about to give up, but we still wanted to have a hope. We had a beautiful daughter through surrogacy at PMI.

We are so glad we made the decision. My daughter is growing up very healthy and cheerful. We recommend you make a decision as soon as possible, too.

Thank you very much to Pacific Miracles!


Mrs. W. Recipient of Egg Donation Program

My desire to have children began when I learned that my sister was pregnant, in addition to my husband's strong desire to have children. After numerous fertility treatments that had failed to result in pregnancy, I had almost given up on the idea of having a child because I was getting too old. I decided to try surrogacy as a last resort and met the Pacific Miracle team.


I took the plunge and talked to my husband about it. I thought he would be surprised, but he agreed with my idea, as he really wanted children.

I sent a letter at the beginning of the year about what I had been doing and my thoughts. I received a phone call from a member of the Pacific Miracle team. They told me that I did not have to go through surrogacy, that egg donation would be sufficient, and that they definitely wanted me to have the baby myself. That same day, we decided to come to the US in mid-February. I went to the U.S. with my husband in mid-February, and he had to have frozen sperm, and I had to have tests and surgery for fibroids and ovarian cysts. With the referral of my Japanese doctor, I had the myoma and ovarian cyst surgery at the end of March.

I started taking injections and doses on a set schedule until I came to the US. I would get injections in my thighs, but gradually I could no longer get them, so my husband gave me injections in my buttocks.

My husband was very supportive, and we moved back to the U.S. in late August to undergo egg donation and confirmed the pregnancy in early September. There was some bleeding, but with the encouragement and treatment of the staff at Pacific Miracle and my Japanese doctor, we had our long-awaited baby girl in April of the following year.

There were times when the road to pregnancy was painful, as well as our own injection schedule, etc., but with the help of my husband, we were able to get through it. But all the pain was blown away by the birth of our daughter. Now I think of those days as nostalgic memories, and I am happier today because of those days. I am truly glad that I made the decision.

My daughter is growing up very healthy and bright. I just hope that she will continue to be healthy and bright. I am amazed at how happy I am in my ordinary days. I am glad we made the decision. I want to say out loud that having a child is such a blessing.

If you are not sure, I recommend you make a decision as soon as possible. Please be happy.

Finally, I would like to thank all the team members and the hospital staff.


Mrs. K, Recipient of Egg Donation Program

We were married late in life, but we wanted to have children, so we started fertility treatment from the beginning of our marriage and performed in vitro fertilization several times. Even after each implantation, implantation was difficult, and we felt frustrated many times. My doctor told me that because of my advanced age, there was only a 5% chance of implantation, but I still tried if there was a chance. However, the situation continued to be difficult, and just as we were about to give up, my husband searched the Internet for information on surrogate motherhood, and we were able to meet the people at Pacific Miracle. We immediately called and told them everything that was on our minds, and they gave us very appropriate advice based on their own experiences. We decided to follow the "egg donation program" and proceed with the treatment to have the baby ourselves. We then immediately went to the U.S. as a couple, met with the staff, consulted with them, and returned to Japan with peace of mind. After that, we found a donor who was willing to donate her eggs to us, and we decided to go back to the US. Fortunately, we were able to produce more than a dozen fertilized eggs, a few of which were implanted, and we returned to Japan with high hopes.

Nothing can replace this excitement.

To take a courageous step forward if this, miraculous event, is even possible. And, as a couple, you should care for each other, encourage each other, and give each other a sense of security. Especially in the case of "egg donation," where the eggs are transplanted into the wife, the husband needs to give himself injections that he is not used to for a long period of time. The years go by quickly. If there are any married couples who are still in doubt, please contact Pacific Miracle as soon as possible! We are now struggling to raise our child together as a couple, imagining a future filled with hope for our family and enjoying every day just to see the smiling face of our precious child whom God has given to us. Thankfully, our child is growing up healthy, bright, and spontaneous. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you who have lent us your support. We hope that our experience will be of help to as many couples as possible so that they may be blessed with a child. Finally, we believe that our success was also due to the fact that we were relaxed and did not take ourselves too seriously, both in Japan and in the US.

= Be brave and step up! =


Mrs. I. Recipient of Egg Donation & Surrogacy Program

I was born with an abnormality in my uterus and ovaries, so I am unable to have a surrogate mother deliver my child through in vitro fertilization of my own eggs, nor am I able to conceive and give birth through an egg donor. Having a child has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl, and even after I got older and married, that dream only grew bigger. Whenever I saw a small baby, I could not suppress my desire to have a child, so after discussing it with my husband, we decided to have a surrogate mother.

Egg donation and surrogate motherhood are not allowed in Japan. Even though there are many women who feel the same way as I do, it is not practiced in Japan due to ethical issues. We first began gathering information through the Internet. Since medical treatment is highly anonymous to begin with, we were not sure how reliable the information we could obtain on the Internet would be. However, as we continued to gather information, we gradually learned that surrogate motherhood is practiced in some Asian countries and some states in the United States.

Next, we contacted surrogacy agencies located in Japan and abroad, trying to get as much accurate information as possible. What we learned was that in California, the U.S., the laws are better organized, there are more agencies, doctors, and lawyers, and it is safer than doing it in Asian countries. At the same time, we found out that in terms of fees, it would be more expensive in the US. After consulting with my husband, we decided to proceed with surrogacy in the U.S., putting the safety of the unborn child first. There are many local agents in the U.S., but we wanted to return to Japan after the birth and obtain Japanese citizenship, so we decided to contact a Japanese agent who was familiar with the situation in Japan. During the process of contacting the agents, I was able to get more information about surrogacy in the US. The first hurdle was the lack of agencies that could help us do both egg donation and surrogacy at the same time. One of the reasons for this may be the difficulty in arranging these two things at the same time, as it is necessary to consider the wishes of many parties, including the donor, surrogate mother, and us as the client. Another reason is that there are more precautions regarding the parental rights of the unborn baby than with egg donation or surrogacy alone.

It is important to note that unlike conventional medical care, surrogacy is not a one-on-one relationship between a patient and a doctor, and is very complex with many parties involved, including the client, the donor, the surrogate mother, and the doctor. In surrogacy, it is necessary to maintain the anonymity of the egg donor and us, the client, and the health of the surrogate mother is also an important factor. There is no guarantee that we will be able to obtain normal, healthy eggs from the donor we request, and there is no guarantee that the transplant to the surrogate mother will be successful. Even if the transplant is successful, there is no guarantee that the surrogate mother will be able to give birth. Past statistics provide some idea of the probability of success, but it is by no means certain that such probability will apply to our own treatment. This is the same as the fact that there are always risks even in healthy pregnancies and deliveries, and we can never be certain that the baby will be born safely. I believe that the doctor who requested our services said at our first meeting that "pregnancy and delivery are miracles," which is exactly what he meant. We considered the risks very carefully from various angles and decided to carry out the surrogate mother birth after allowing for such risks.


Message from Egg Donor S

For those who want to become an egg donor:

I highly recommend PMI to anyone considering becoming an egg donor because they provide the kind of individualized service that makes you feel very comfortable. They were extremely knowledgeable and always available to answer questions, they checked in frequently to make sure I was doing well, and they served as a strong advocate for me throughout. Their warm personality, their professionalism, and their dedication to helping couples with infertility make PMI the best choice in egg donation.

For Intended Parents Receiving Egg Donation

As a Japanese American and a future physician, I understand how difficult it is to struggle with infertility, particularly in Japan. I became an egg donor because I believe in your dream of raising a happy, healthy child who will contribute great things to society. I admire your tenacity and willingness to go through so much to start a family. Know that I support you from the bottom of my heart.


Message from Egg Donor D

For Potential Donors:

Working with PMI is a joy. They made me feel so comfortable about the process and is such a caring people. On top of being an excellent resource for any questions I had for the egg donation process, they were one of the most loving and caring people I have ever met. Of course, this is the kind of people that you want involved for such an intimate and personal situation. I made the decision to donate because I wanted to help families that could not have children of their own. I had previously talked with another individual who would be the recipient and it was a very difficult process to undergo without the professional and personal expertise of an agency like PMI. I highly recommend their heartfelt and professional service. Thank you PMI!

For Intended Parents:

I decided to become an egg donor when my mother found an article in the newspaper looking for egg donors while I was in college. I ultimately decided to donate because I wanted to help families that were having difficulty having children on their own. Watching my younger sister grow up and seeing how my younger cousins made my family happy, I wanted to help other couples who wanted children make their wishes come true. There are only so many things in this life that are important and surely having children of your own is one of life’s most meaningful blessings. Now that I am beginning my career as an attorney, I see the value in PMI’s service and their skills in helping families. PMI has been wonderful through the two donations that I have undergone with them and I’m so glad that I got to try to help a loving couple have children.  

Being an egg donor with the Pacific Miracle team was very meaningful to me. The team made me feel very comfortable with the egg donation process. Everyone was very caring and gentle with me. They answered my many questions about the egg donation process with precision and accuracy. You are among the warmest, most wonderful people I have ever met.

In terms of doing something as very, very sensitive and personal as egg donation, I think it is best to do it with people like you. I decided to do egg donation because I wanted to help couples who could not have children on their own. Before contacting Pacific Miracle, I spoke with other agencies, but it seemed difficult to get them to provide the same attentive and thorough service that you do.

I highly recommend the Pacific Miracle team for their warmth, care and professionalism. Thank you all very much.


Message from Egg Donor, C.

I decided to donate my eggs to help those who are struggling to have children. I have watched my little sister grow up. I have also seen how happy my young, cousins make our family. I work as an attorney. I think they are great at helping their clients. My experience with PMI has been a wonderful one I have had with my two egg donation experiences and I am so happy to be able to help you build your family.


Message from Egg Donor M

I have donated eggs twice as an egg donor. The reason I chose your agency over many others was because I could tell that your staff was serious about egg donation and wanted to help. I also chose to register with your agency because this matched my own feelings. I actually met the staff and was so impressed by their warm personalities that I was fortunate enough to attend a second time. The staff was also very kind to provide transportation for the donor to and from the clinic and nearby supermarket, as well as interpreting for me, so I was able to complete the egg retrieval process without any worries. I highly recommend becoming a donor with Pacific Miracle. It will be an invaluable experience.


Message from S, Surrogate Mother

I am very happy to share a little about my experience as a surrogate mother and my experience with PMI. I am very happy to be a surrogate mother through PMI, the staff at PMI is very trustworthy and they work according to a moral code. They care about both the client and the surrogate and are always ready to provide sound advice.


Message from R, Surrogate Mother's husband

We have three children; we love them dearly and are very blessed. My wife became a surrogate mother and after the first fertilized egg transfer, she became pregnant, and our family has developed a wonderful relationship with the client and PMI. I don't think I cried as much when my own child was born as I did when I met my client's baby, PMI is a wonderful agency and will help make your dreams possible. I hope my happy experience to you goes well.

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