Professional Testimonials


Michael A. Feinman, MD

Medical Director/HRC Fertility

I work with many couples from Japan and around the world as well as USA.  The surrogates and egg donors from PMI are terrific women and a pleasure to work with.  In addition, PMI gives Intended Parents a unique level of service to help them undergo these procedures in a new environment in comfort and with confidence.


Marilyn Shore, Ph.D.

Psychological Evaluator/Clinical Psychologist/ Marriage, Family, and Child Counselor

My work with PMI has been a rewarding experience. The young ladies who have been egg donors or surrogates have been bright, friendly, and cooperative. My job is to assess their understanding of the process they are becoming involved in and to determine their psychological stability. PMI is a professional agency that is a pleasure to be a part of. 

Meyers & O’Hara.jpg

Milena O'Hara, Esq. & Lori Meyers, Esq.

Attorneys/ MEYERS & O'HARA, LLP

The practice of reproductive law depends on the development of a team of professionals committed to ensuring a successful surrogacy and egg donation arrangement from start to finish. PMI offers their clients a structure and method of communication, and case management tailored to their special needs. They are dedicated bringing together the complex pieces through their work with lawyers, psychologists, doctors, accountants, and other essential professionals.


Intended Parents, Japan


We had been having fertility treatment many years but couldn’t get pregnant. It was so hard for me to hear that my sister was pregnant at that time. We were about to give up, but we still wanted to have a hope.


We had a beautiful daughter through surrogacy at PMI.

We are so glad we made the decision.


My daughter is growing up very healthy and cheerful.

We recommend you make a decision as soon as possible, too.

Thank you very much to Pacific Miracles!

Intended Parents, Japan


We got married at old age, but we really wanted to have children.

So, we had started fertility treatment right after we got married.

We had no luck…. then we have decided to contact PMI and had a program.

Now, just by looking at the smile of our precious child, we are so happy and seeing a wonderful future together.


We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of you, PMI who have helped us.

Time flies. If you would like to build a family in alternative way, why don't you consult with PMI as soon as possible? Let's step on it with courage!

New York, USA

Donor S

I highly recommend PMI to anyone considering becoming an egg donor because they provide the kind of individualized service that makes you feel very comfortable. They were extremely knowledgeable and always available to answer questions, they checked in frequently to make sure I was doing well, and they served as a strong advocate for me throughout. Their warm personality, their professionalism, and their dedication to helping couples with infertility make PMI the best choice in egg donation.

Intended Parents, Japan


"If you don't raise a child, there's no point in living.”

It was our thought…and finally we were able to hold our child.

It was really the last chance of a long long road, just one fertilized embryo.

“Can't we still have children?” Then, we received a happy news from PMI.


It certainly costs money, however we think that it's the weight of life.

We had to go through several infertility clinics in Japan for many years and then finally we decided to have a surrogacy though PMI. We felt so comfortable with the team of PMI. We had a lot of anxiety, but the immediate response from the team gave us a sense of security and became a great trust. 

Thank you so much to PMI

It's hard to raise a child, but we are very happy to be parents

California, USA

Donor D

Working with PMI is a joy. They made me feel so comfortable about the process and is such a caring people. On top of being an excellent resource for any questions I had for the egg donation process, they were one of the most loving and caring people I have ever met. Of course, this is the kind of people that you want involved for such an intimate and personal situation. I made the decision to donate because I wanted to help families that could not have children of their own. I had previously talked with another individual who would be the recipient and it was a very difficult process to undergo without the professional and personal expertise of an agency like PMI. I highly recommend their heartfelt and professional service. Thank you PMI!


卵子提供者 Mさん

私は、二度エッグドナーとして卵子提供をさせて頂きました。 他にも沢山のエージェンシーがある中、貴社を選ばせて頂いたきっかけは、スタッフの皆さんが真剣に卵子提供について考え、力になりたいと思ってらっしゃるお気持ちが伝わってきたからです。また、それが私の気持ちと合致したため、登録させて頂きました。 実際にスタッフの方とお会いし、その温かいお人柄に感銘を受け、縁があって二回目も参加させて頂きました。 ドナーに対してもクリニックや近くのスーパーへの車での送迎をするお心遣いを頂いたり、通訳等もしてくださったおかげで不安なく採卵を終えることができました。ぜひパシフィック・ミラクルで、ドナーになることをおすすめいたします。かけがえのない経験になることでしょう。

Intended Parents, Japan

I さん


卵子提供や代理母出産は、日本では認められていません。私のような思いを持った女性が数多くいるにも関わらず、倫理的な問題という理由で日本では行われていないのが実情です。 私たちは、まずはインターネットを使って情報収集を始めました。そもそも匿名性の高い医療ですから、インターネットで得られた情報がどの程度信頼性のあるものかはわかりません。ですが、情報収集を進めていくと、アジアの一部の国やアメリカの一部の州では代理母出産が実施されていることが徐々にわかってきました。



California, USA

Surrogate, Shana

It is with great pleasure that I get to tell you a little about my experience as a surrogate and my personal experience with PMI. I was blessed to be a surrogate for PMI. I know Emily personally and professionally and I can tell you that she is a beautiful example of what both things combined should be. She is honest and holds true to a moral code which most agencies don’t do anymore. She is a great resource and advocate for intended parents and surrogates alike. I think the reason is because she has faced and overcome the same things the intended parents are going through. She treasures her surrogates because she also understands that without them dreams of having a child for some may not be possible. If I could instill anything to the soon to be intended parent it would be to contact her and know that she will be there for you from start to finish, no questions asked.

Bless you on your journey, it is possible, this I know to be true....

California, USA

Surrogate’s husband Ryan

We have three children of our own whom we love dearly and are so blessed to have. I didn’t realize the struggle, I guess because I never had to before. My wife became pregnant for the intended parents first try and we have had a wonderful relationship with them. I don’t think I cried as much when my own kids were born as I did when I saw the Intended Parents see their son for the first time. Knowing my wife made that possible because she has so much love in her heart for others has made me a better person for it. Emily is a wonderful person and can help make your dream possible; she has been in the same situation you might be experiencing right now. I hope all is well with you and your family and happy journeys to you.

California, USA

Donor C

I decided to donate because I wanted to help families that were having difficulty having children on their own. Watching my younger sister grow up and seeing how my younger cousins made my family happy, I work as an attorney, and I see the value in PMI’s service and their skills in helping families. PMI has been wonderful through the two donations that I have undergone with them and I’m so glad that I got to try to help a loving family have children.