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PMI Programs

Surrogate Program

Surrogacy is a legal and social arrangement between intended parents and a surrogate, who becomes pregnant through an embryo transfer and carries the pregnancy for the intended parents. The intended parents assume full parental rights, and the surrogate is compensated in exchange for her services.

Advances in modern medicine have given people many choices in creating their own family. PMI coordinator can discuss your available options and help you choose a surrogacy program that’s right for you.

For more information on preimplantation genetic testing and preimplantation diagnosis, please click here.

In Vitro Fertilization/Gestational Surrogacy (IVF) Program

The egg and sperm of Intended Parents come together to create embryos that a doctor transfers to the uterus of the surrogate.

IVF & Egg Donation or/and Donor Sperm (IVF/ED and/or Donor Sperm) Program

The egg from a donor undergoes fertilization with sperm of the Intended Father or Donor Sperm. A doctor transfers a resulting embryos to the surrogate.

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